about kaivolution

Who are we?

Kaivolution is a Hamilton-based organisation run under the umbrella of Go Eco. We are a not-for-profit organisation that acts as a link between the food industry and community groups that support people in need. We aim to stop edible food from being needlessly thrown away and ensure that it reaches those in our community who are struggling or vulnerable.

What do we do?

Kaivolution collaborates with food retailers and producers to rescue surplus food that's good enough to eat, but not good enough to sell, and prevents it from being discarded into landfills. This food is redistributed to community groups that work with individuals and families who are facing difficulty making ends meet.

We collect, sort and distribute the food daily – carefully catering for the particular needs of each group. Some of these charities utilise Kaivolution's rescued food for food parcels while others provide community meals.

Our service operates at no cost to food retailers and producers or to the community groups we support – it's a win-win for everyone!

Kaivolution will collect -

· crops that are edible but not commercially viable/non spec

· fresh produce even with some bruising/decay

· prepared foods that are excess to requirements

· sandwiches, bread and bakery products

· frozen or fresh meat

· dairy products

· eggs

· pre-packaged food or meals in original packaging

· non-alcoholic beverages

· food whose packaging has been damaged in some way so long as the safety seal has not been compromised

Please contact our Kaivolution team on (07) 8394452 or
kaivolution@goeco.org.nz if you are able to help.


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